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Lani recently resumed her painting career after a ten year hiatus following the birth of her ten year old daughter.  Lani originally moved up to San Francisco to paint full time and get her MFA at San Francisco Art Institute, and she stayed because she fell in love with this little city.  She waitressed, painted, won a residency fellowship at the Millay Colony in upstate New York, showed around the country and internationally, and had a wonderful representation at the Rental Gallery in Fort Mason.  Her work is in a couple of collections, the Swig Collection and Washington State Arts Commission. Then Lani took ten years off.
Over the last ten years, she has changed and her paintings have changed as well.  Her mother said something to her last year as she was revving up to get her hands dirty again, “Don’t paint so personally, paint things that are more public.”  That was the only suggestion that she had ever made about Lani’s work, except for objecting to all the nudes during Lani’s student days.  Then she added, “Slow down” and something else Lani could not remember.  Lani didn’t give her comments any further thought, but as Lani’s mind quieted in the studio she found that she doing exactly what her mother had said.  It is a