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Many things inspire me to paint.  Sometimes it’s a glimpse of light or space.  Sometimes it’s an idea or a problem that I want to work with, such as using a limited palette, or creating my version of a traditional technique.  When I set up a problem for myself, I often discover new and unexpected techniques.

I like to paint in oil because of its lushness and the unique qualities of working with oil “wet into wet.”  This technique leaves room for chance and letting the paint “paint itself.”  I love going back and forth between the feeling of being in control and not being in control.  I love the edges of things where two different hues or values meet.  At those junctures, I like to make the paint swirl, with just “hairs” of paint twining together, but at the same time creating a visual edge.  I want it to look like a chance close up, yet at the same time completely choreographed.

I paint my everyday life here in San Francisco - the dogs, seagulls, pelicans.  I pick images that provide glimpses of my favorite places, the Mission District, Bernal Heights and Fort Funston.  Through the juxtaposition of disparate images, I create new meaning and vague narratives.  I paint my private life, but with a public approach.